Our Platform

Massively acquiring datasets while ensuring Data Quality

Predicting Real Estate trends with Experts & Machine Learning

Rendering highly valuable and reliable insights on our Map

Gleensite develops smart technologies based on Big Data & AI to deliver predictive analytics of the Real Estate market.

Real estate market participants and investors must sift through tens of millions of records or data points to discern clear patterns and place their bets with few supporting tools to help glean insights from that material.

By using conventional and non-conventional data points, Gleensite provides insights on how a certain area (e.g. region, country, city) will look like in the next 5 to 15 years. We believe in helping individuals and organisations make the right choice at the right time in the property market.

Our Mission

We help Asset & Fund Managers, Investors, Corporations and Key participants all over the world to efficiently deploy their money when they make Real Estate decisions

Our vision